GND Writer Featured on Musician’s Friend

Posted 16 Dec 2013 in Miscellaneous, News

Here at Guitar News Daily, we support music in all forms. This includes recordings, live performances, discussion, and even other music blogs. In fact, our dedication to the music scene is so sincere that we even try to contribute to other blogs and publications. This week, we would like to introduce our readers to our friends over at Musician’s Friend.

Musician's Friend

You may know them as the premier online store for musical gear, but Musician’s Friend also has a vibrant, active community where authors and readers communicate about different gear. In an effort to expose readers to new guitars and what makes those guitars so special, Musician’s Friend recently invited one of Guitar News Daily’s writers, Jack Smith, to talk about his favorite axe. You can read the piece here, but (spoiler alert) he picked a Malden Mozak. We strongly encourage all of our reader’s to head over there and read the article, as well as explore some of the other engaging and unique content Musician’s Friend has to offer.

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