Guitar training company tests out Google+ Hangouts for online lessons

Posted 31 Jul 2011 in Press Releases

Guitar training firm Noriu Groti has been testing Hangout, a video chat feature of social networking service operated by Google, which allows up to 10 people to talk and to see each other simultaneously, to give online guitar lessons.

Since Google+ does not allow yet companies to have their profiles on Hangout, guitar teachers use their personal profiles.

Mindaugas Voldemaras, CEO, Noriu Groti, explained simplicity behind the solution: “One profile streams full picture, the second profile streams a zoomed picture to see guitar teacher’s hands and guitar neck in details, and the third profile streams desktop with the presentation notes on it. That’s it”.

After each session, a recorded video and presentation slides are posted to the student’s “circle,” a contact group.

“We’re amazed what great possibilities Google+ provides for small businesses like ours,” Voldemaras said.

“Now we can better use our resources and provide service to worldwide audience. People tend to take guitar evening classes after their work. When we have morning in Lithuania, there is evening in Los Angeles. Google+ expands our market to 24/7.”

Noriu Groti plans to launch online guitar training service on Google Hangout as soon as Google+ allows business profiles.

Source: Press Release

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