Kids Rocking Out More

Posted 05 Jul 2008 in Musings, News

Ah, there’s nothing that warms the cockles of the heart more than seeing kids enjoying themselves. There appears to be an increasing trend of kids being wanting to be involved in classic rock. No doubt influenced by the likes of Guitar Hero and movies such as School of Rock – the youngsters are signing up in droves for after school and summer programs which involve them learning how to play classic rock in bands.

  • With two more sessions scheduled in July, Camp Jam in Lake Forest is among an increasing number of venues where kids and teens are performing classic rock. More than just a profitable venture, rock ‘n’ roll also is being used to bring music back into classrooms where arts funding has suffered. One such program, Little Kids Rock, is funded through private donations and has provided 700 guitars and training to pupils in 35 Chicago schools this year.
  • Over the past year, the Paul Green School of Rock has seen a 30 percent increase in enrollment at its 50 locations nationwide
  • Sel Kardan, president of the Music Institute of Chicago, a private music school, said he’s seen no decline in the 2,500-student enrollment at campuses

And it’s not just rockers-in-the-making getting into the action – there’s even a camp for high school students, teaching them the basics of guitar construction and maintenance.

“The fun of it is that you can take pride in that you’ve built your own guitar,” he said in an interview last week after finishing one of the five sessions with the eight students, who each paid $400 to construct, carve and wire their own electric Stratocaster guitar.

Good on them, I say – I think musical talent is something that is best encouraged and developed young. I often see four year olds at church effortlessly banging out concertos on the piano which would probably take me four years to learn and master at my age. Plus, they’re devoting time and energy to a worthwhile pursuit that will inspire creativity and open up lots of potential in the future. I’m sure their parents must be more than pleased too. Rock on, kids!

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