New Recording Gadgets Roundup

Posted 06 Jun 2008 in News, Recording

Some gadgets and new products which have been launched for the recording market recently:


  • Vestax VAI-80 USB Audio Controller: smaller than the previous model, this recording controller  RCA and XLR and mic inputs, 4 stereo and headphones (with level control) outputs, 2-band EQ and gain and volume controls per output, LED level meter, direct PA and USB connections.
  • Guitar Rig Session and Guitar Rig 3 XE: “Guitar Rig 3 XE is a new declination of the Guitar Rig software which offers a selection of five “true-to-life” tube amplifier models and 12 cabinet types, as well as 21 stomp boxes and effect units. Guitar Rig Session is a new recording solution for guitarists, bass players and songwriters which combines the new Guitar Rig 3 XE software with a specially designed audio interface and additional recording software.”
  • Drawmer S2 Dual Channel Tube Compressor: this all-tube analog compressor features Class A, 2 channels, dual mono or stereo working ways, 3 modes (big, to emphasize low frequencies, bright, goes higher with high tones, and dry mix, to get the parallel compression effect), 8-segment gain reduction, balanced internal signal and XLR inputs / outputs.


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