NIN and QOTSA to Coheadline Tour

Posted 17 Oct 2013 in Artist News, Performance

Let’s face it: coheadliners are awesome. Tickets usually aren’t that much more expensive, and fans love being able to get to see two of their favorite acts in one night. It’s no surprise then that us at Guitar News Daily were pretty pumped to hear about the upcoming Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age tour.

NIN and Queens of the Stone Age

The tour will take place next March and will hit eight different spots throughout Australia and New Zealand. No announcement has been made as to whether or not these bands will consider traveling the rest of the world, but with both bands releasing new music in the last several months, it seems inevitable that some kind of extension might be granted.


Tickets to this show will go on sale on October 16th, and it looks like they might sell out pretty quickly, so fans of either one of these killer acts would do well to go ahead and get their tickets now while supplies are still available.


Oh, and one other thing: neither NIN and QOTSA wanted to be the main headliner for the tour, so literally minutes before the start of each show there will be a coin toss determining who goes first. Because of this, fans are highly encouraged to get their early enough to see both bands, even if they are only interested in one.

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