Pearl Jam Scores World Series Deal

Posted 13 Oct 2013 in Industry Insights

After the Super Bowl, the World Series may very be the most watched event in television. With hundreds of thousands of people glued to their tubes and 30 second commercial spots costing upwards of $500,000, it’s pretty evident that the World Series has become a significant cultural event.

Pearl Jam World Series

This only makes it all the more impressive that Pearl Jam manages to negotiate at expansive 48 track deal with the World Series. The songs will be running all month, and include all 12 tracks from their newest album, Lightning.


The sheer volume of this deal is unprecedented; last year’s contract went out to Jack White (at the National League Championship games) and the Who for the actual World Series. The Who were only given 30 songs, which seemed to be the cutoff. Apparently, however, the guys at MLB really love Pearl Jam, as they gave them deals for literally every song they requested.


Pearl Jam, with Eddie Vedder in particular, have been known to be lifelong baseball fans. It’s said that Vedder supports the Cubs, but it will still be a few months before its confirmed whether or not his favorite team will play to his songs.

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