Phish Ends 2014 and Starts 2015 With Awesomeness

Posted 05 Jan 2015 in News

2014 may have come to an end on December 31st but it was only the beginning of the 4 night New Years Eve run for Phish at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fl.I’ve seen my fair share of NYE shows and also plenty of other non-holiday Phish shows.  But this run was incredible.  New Year’s Eve was typical and Phish blasted through 3 sets of powerful tunes that had everyone moving nonstop.  I figured things might slow down on January 1st because the band played late the night before and it just made sense that things would mellow out a little bit.  Ooops…I was wrong about that.  Sure there were some slower songs thrown in the mix but the second night was high energy too.  So of course it had to be January 2nd where Phish would take it easy.  Once again….I was wrong as it was another phenomenal night of music.  Going into the final show of the NYE run there was no way the band was going to phone it in or play a mellow song.  Finally, I was right.  Another rager and the band was as usual incredible.

Each night of the run had highlights.  My favorites were Down With Disease, Mikes Song and Martian Monster but those were by no means the only songs you need to find online at or however else you get your tunes.  Each show was awesome and I hope its not another 5 years before they make it back to South Florida!

On a side note I went over to an after party at one of the local clubs and the bands that night were The New Mastersounds and Dopapod!  When we rolled out of there at 4am after the bands playing interlocking sets the place was still packed and they guys were jamming their faces off.  If you haven’t heard either of these bands you better go find some tunes right now.



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