Pixies Release New EP

Posted 04 Sep 2013 in Artist News, Music

The Pixies have always been a strange band. Fronted by songwriter and vocalist Black Francis, the group’s first run lasted only 7 years, with the Boston natives receiving limited commercial success in the United States. However, the group was significantly more popular in the European market; despite this success the band called it quits for the first time back in 1993.

The Pixies

Earlier this year, after several reunion tours and a popularity boosted aided in no small part by Fight Club, the Pixies had a new announcement: Kim Deal would be leaving the band. This was sad news to be sure, but no sooner than two weeks later the band released the single “Bagboy”. A few short months later, that single would be followed by a four track EP, titled EP-1.


The tracks are similar in style to the Pixie’s earlier work, though evidence of maturation among the members is certainly evident. Along with the EP, a new music video was released for the track “Indy Cindy”. The Pixies have also announced four dates in the UK during November, but have hinted that these dates are just the first of a larger world tour. Hopefully, this iconic group will continue to enjoy the success they so badly deserve.

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