RHCP Chad Smith vs Will Ferrell Drum Off

Posted 20 May 2014 in General News

Rock and roll is not only about making music.  Lets be honest.  Its also about having lots of fun and Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith and his celebrity doppelganger Will Ferrel will be showing you how much fun rocking out is by staging an epic drum battle which will be held on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  Well, at least ONE of them will be rocking out.  We aren’t too sure how well the other will do.

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

Before we get into the details of the drum battle lets take a quick look at the two contestants.  Can we even be sure that these are really two different people?  Has anyone ever seen them together in the same room at the same time?  Ok.  We really don’t think they are the same person but you have to admit that Chad and Will could be long lost brothers.

Chad Smith and Will Ferrell bw

You may think that this is a weird thing to happen right?  Does Will Ferrell even know how to play the drums?  We know he can play a nasty cowbell based on his SNL performance and his performance with Green Day but will his skill translate to a full drum kit?

Chad Smith

Ok.  So back to the story at hand.  The drum off between Ferrell and Chad Smith.  How did this event even become a thing?  You may or may not remember that Will went online and started claiming that in reality he was Chad Smith.  Chad decided that he wasn’t going to let some celebrity pretend to be him…after all he is the drummer from one of the biggest bands in the world.  So Smith laid down the challenge.  He even mentioned in a recent Rolling Stone interview that he was hoping for Ferrell’s sake that he had been practicing.

If you are a serious musician hoping to tune and catch an awesome drum battle let me be one of the first to tell you not to get your hopes up too high.  Although being high may make it more fun to watch.  There will absolutely be ONE fantastic drummer on the stage (2 if you count Roots drummer Questlove who holds down the groove for The Tonight Show) but don’t be disappointed at Will Ferrell’s skill level.  Remember, even tho he is the master of the cowbell he is an actor and not a professional musician.  The comedian noted “I have not been practicing, there’s no amount of practice that would help me become a good drummer.”

Regardless of how badly Chad kicks Will’s ass it will all be in good fun and for an even better cause.  The duo are raising money for two different and very important charities.  Part of the money raised will be going to the charitable organization Cancer for College and the other part will be going to Little Kids Rock.

You can catch all of the festivities of Chad Smith vs Will Ferrell and witness the hilarity that ensues by tuning in to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday May 22, 2014.  At the very least we will finally be able to put to bed the rumor that Will Ferrell and Chad Smith are the same person.


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