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Posted 08 Jul 2008 in Miscellaneous, Technique

I’m always on the lookout for interesting sites and resources for learning the guitar, and this one fit the bill to a T.  Songsterr, according to their blog,  “is a service offering an extraordinary experience of playing, learning, and singing guitar on-line. Songsterr provides a realistic guitar sound and gives you a full control over the playback – it’s up to you to decide when it’s time to move to the next chord and to sing a new verse. All you have to do is press the button during playback when you feel it’s time to. Alternatively, you can use Songsterr’s autopilot mode and play the song without any interaction.”

The flash-based interface displays the words and chords like you would normally see on tab sheet.  The interesting thing is that it also plays a realistic sounding chord strumming pattern, and you press the arrow keys to move on to the next chord when you feel it’s right.  

I think it would be a great resource for those starting out in guitar, as it would teach them a sense of rhythm and help them learn when to change chords; without having to worry about finding the frets.   I enjoyed “playing” Hotel California by the Eagles – there are also a bunch of features in the works, such as a song editor, learning assistants and more.



  1. Chris (29 Aug 2008, 18:34)

    Hi – just noticed your link on my blog’s dashboard. Thanks for that!

    Have you seen that Songsterr has updated a bit? It’s now TAB-based rather than chords, and there are a load more songs. Just thought you’d be interested… it’s certainly worth having a look if you haven’t visited for a while.

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