Zakk Wylde’s Guitar Stolen

If you know anything about the image of Zakk Wylde, it’s probably his infamous black and white concentric Gibson Les Paul. The guitar has defined Wylde’s look since back in his days playing for Ozzy, and is truly a unique piece of guitar history. As of very recently, the guitar has entered a new chapter in its life: MIA.

Zakk Wylde

The guitar was stolen from Wylde’s tour bus during his recent trip to Chicago to perform at the Experience Hendrix tour, along with a Black Label Society vest of Wylde’s. This guitar in particular had a unique Pelham Blue finish on it, which should make it recognizable should the guitar ever surface in any public markets. Both of this pieces were stolen on March 14th.


In the meantime, Wylde has asked that fans reach out to him via Twitter should they learn of the location of the guitar. Hopefully, the guitar will show up, as it really is a piece of rock history. If the guitar turns up, we’ll let you guys know, but things haven’t been looking too hopeful.

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