More Controversy Over Metallica’s Glastonbury Show

Posted 28 Jun 2014 in Artist News

We’ve only been giving it a bit of coverage here at Guitar News Daily, but if you check out some of the other online music news outlets, there’s little doubt you missed the coverage of Metallica’s upcoming performance at the massive Glastonbury festival in the UK. The group will be playing as a festival headliner on June 28th, but many festival goers and other bands like Mogwai don’t consider the group an appropriate choice for the festival.

Metallica at Glastonbury

It now appears that the festival organizers may have predicted the controversy over their performance, as the headliner wasn’t announced until after the final resale date. Furthermore, a new study conducted on over 2,000 Glastonbury ticket holders found that following the announcement of Metallica as a headliner, over 80% of festival goers were interested in selling their tickets.


With the final resale date passed, it appears that everyone will have to settle for their fate. Glastonbury fans will have to see Metallica without the option of reselling their tickets, and Metallica fans won’t have the option of purchasing last minute tickets. However, the festival still promises to be a lot of fun, and if any of our readers are attending, we’d love to hear all about it!

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