What’s The Story Behind The Buffalove Music Festival?

Posted 30 May 2014 in General News

If you ever wondered what it takes to turn a love of live music into a full blown festival we’ve got some inside details for you.  We’ve been covering the Buffalove Music Festival and some of the bands that will be performing at the June 19-21 event. Now we can take a look backstage and see how this festival got off the ground.

Buffalove Music Festival

Buffalove Music Festival June 19-21

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to talk to Cody Conway who is the President of BuffaLive Productions LLC and he let us know just how Buffalove came to fruition.

Cody Conway Discusses The Buffalove Music Festival

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how Buffalove came to be.

CC: I started as a photographer in the Jam/Rock music scene in late 2006, through an ex-girlfriend’s web-zine. In 2012, I began my own website (BuffaloJams.com,) to write reviews and shoot photography for bands in the flourishing national jam scene. I learned of the local Buffalo Jamband Scene through some friends I met covering shows for BuffaloJams. I saw a few shows and began promoting some of the bands right away, through reviews and photos. It didn’t take long for me to take notice that there was something really special going on in Buffalo, in this local Jam Scene.


Photo by Darren Kemp

Q: Tell us about the history behind Buffalove.

CC: I’ve been attending multiple camping music festivals each year for about 10 years now, they bring together some of my very favorite things in life; camping, music and friends, which inevitably create good times. For year’s, my business partner Rick Zanghi (who I used to work with at a different job,) knowing my love for music festivals, consistently pressed me asking, “When are we throwing a music festival?” With his extensive knowledge of running events, I knew he would be the perfect partner in putting this thing together. So, after thoroughly witnessing the ever-growing Buffalo Jam Scene, and the excellent musicians there-in, I knew it was time to strike as the proverbial “iron was hot,” and get the ball rolling. In our first year, I didn’t even care to make a single dollar. My main objective was to do my best to expose as much of WNY to this hidden gem of a music scene, that most people had no idea was even around. And Buffalove Music Festival 2013 was born.

Q: Are you in a band yourself?

CC: I am not. I played Saxophone for years in Grade School, but unfortunately gave it up. I’ve worked closely with my brothers in Funktional Flow for a couple of years now, shooting photography for their live shows, carrying gear, helping out on the road. More recently (a little over a year,) I’ve been their LD, setting up and running light production during their live shows.

Buffalove Stage

Photo by Darren Kemp

Q: How many bands performed at the inaugural Buffalove Music Festival?

CC: Last year, in our 1st year; 16 bands performed over 3 nights (June 20th-22nd 2013.) Thursday was a “Pre-Party” with 4 bands, and was free to those who showed up with a paid ticket, and only an extra $5 to people who purchased their ticket, day of.

Q: How many bands do you have scheduled for this year?

CC: This year we have 27 bands/artists on the bill, over 2 stages. Late night sets will be performed by the campfire on a 3rd stage (Weather Permitting) by Slip Madigan, Funktional Flow, Mister F & Formula 5. Also, Saturday night on the “Milkie’s Open-Mic Camping Stage,” Adam Bronstein will be hosting the “Buffalo Players Club Pro-Jam,” where the many musicians on-site for the weekend will have the chance to come jam with their favorite members of the other bands during this 4 hour Pro-Jam.

Buffalove Stage

Photo by Darren Kemp

Q: What makes Buffalove different from other festivals?

CC: From what I’ve gathered speaking to many who attended last year; An overwhelming sense of family and good vibes from the employees of the venue, as well as the picturesque beauty of the 26 acre Winery property itself, helped Buffalove Music Festival stand out from the rest of the festivals last summer. And, if they thought last year they had seen it all, wait til they show up at Willow Creek Winery on June 19th and see what we’ve put together for them this year!

Buffalove Nature

Photo by Darren Kemp

Q: Besides tons of great music what other activities and events can concert-goers look forward to this year?

CC: There will be Art Exhibits, as well as Live-Art being done by Artists while the Headlining Bands Perform. We will have Food & Craft Vending, Kids Activities, Fireworks, 9-Hole Frisbee Golf Course (with Baskets being donated by Hawks Landing,) A Very Intimate and Special Wine Tasting, an Open-Mic Stage by the camping area in the woods, and much more! We will also have a designated Quiet/Family Camping area for those who would like to camp in a more quiet area.

Buffalove Fire

Photo by Darren Kemp

Its great to see this event growing in size and including more bands.  We hope to see Buffalove continue for many years to come.  More bands means more music which means more great vibes.  If you are looking for a great weekend of music, camping, awesome people and a beautiful location make sure you make the trek to the Buffalove Music Festival.  It certainly looks like great things are in store.

We’ll keep bringing you coverage on as many of the bands scheduled to play this year as we can.  We’ve got messages out to a lot of them and as soon as we hear back you can be sure we’ll get all the details posted as soon as possible.  If you are attending the event (or even if you aren’t) be sure to follow @guitarnewsdaily on twitter and send us updates from this show or any other music related events you attend.


Dave has been eating, living, and breathing music since before he could talk. This makes Dave perfect for his role here at Guitar News Daily.

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