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New Led Zeppelin Book Hits Shelves

Posted 15 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights, Miscellaneous

While certainly deserving of merit in their own right, books have never really been something that people typically classify under the label of “rock and roll.” Despite this, a recent print publication has firmly grasped the attention of the public. The book is straightforwardly titled The Story Behind Every Led Zeppelin Song, and the text provides just that. Over the course of nearly 200 pages, the book provides in depth analysis, pictures, and interviews with the people, places, and times…

Muse Changes Management to Q Prime

Posted 06 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights

Behind every great band is an even greater staff. No example of this has been so obvious as the relationship between rock act Muse and their former management team at Brontone. However, recent news has surfaced indicating that Muse may have left Brontone in favor of a new management company, Q Prime. You might not be familiar with the name Q Prime, but you definitely know some of their clients: the Black Keys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Metallica….

Red Hot Chili Peppers Admit to Faking Super Bowl Performance

Posted 05 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights, News, Performance
Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s pretty much taken for granted nowadays that pop stars often are required to lip sync their parts. That’s fine and all, and it makes a little bit of sense in the context of a private show where fans paid tons of money to see an artist kill it. More often than not, these artists get away with it.  However, whichever act plays the Super Bowl is subjected to far greater levels of scrutiny. It makes sense then that when…

Check Out These Marshall Amps!

NAMM 2014 brought us quite a bit of excitement this year, but perhaps one of the coolest demos of all came us to us courtesy of Marshall Amps. Their Custom Shop wing teamed up with a group of tattooists to create custom covers for several of their most popular models. The artists selected were typically young and upcoming tattooists, and their artwork features a variety of styles and genres. The heads featured were the JV1H and the JVM410H each with…

Behold the Schecter Demon

Posted 26 Jan 2014 in Gear News, Industry Insights, News
Schecter Demon

In our recent trend of sharing the highlights of NAMM 2014 with you readers, we would today like to introduce you guys to a pretty badass new Schecter guitar, which officially been dubbed the Demon. Seeing as this is a Schecter guitar that’s named after the minions of hell, one might expect a brutal metal machine. This expectation is not too off the mark; the Demon is a muted black guitar with gold lining. It definitely looks the metal part,…

Giant Grammy Jam Session to Happen

Posted 22 Jan 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights, News, Performance
Grammy Jam Session

To put it lightly, the Grammy’s are a pretty big deal these days. The award festival brings together the very best of music and gives out awards for the best albums, collaborations, singles, and so forth for the year. In addition, the Grammy’s typically see a huge musical performance. Typically, the winners and occasionally some other nominees play a hit or two and get off the stage. This year, however, things are going to be a bit different, as the…

Auto-Tune for Guitar Announced

Posted 20 Jan 2014 in Gear News, Industry Insights, News

If you haven’t heard yet, the 2014 NAMM convention, where the best in musical gear and equipment manufacturers come together to unveil their newest products, is underway. We’ve already seen several limited run guitars and a few new pedals, but by far one of the most interesting innovations this year comes from the infamous effects company Antares. You might know this company as the producers of Auto-Tune, a pitch correcting software used heavily on acts like T Pain. Although this…

Grand Theft Auto Outperforms Music Industry

Posted 12 Jan 2014 in Industry Insights, News

If you don’t play video games, surely by now you know that many other people play video games a lot. As in a lot a lot. You can go online and play a game that’s are a decade old and still find more than a hundred people playing worldwide. That being said, I don’t think most people realized just how big of a deal video games have become in the entertainment industry. Consider this. A few months ago, one of…

Dozens Added to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted 18 Dec 2013 in Artist News, Industry Insights, News
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Any true rock fan knows that the fabled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland often holds rather perturbing opinions on whom should be inducted. After all, the Hall withheld its coveted spots from artists like Deep Purple and Peter Frampton for years. Really. That Peter Frampton. He seems like he should be their cover boy. Luckily, Pete and dozens of other artists will be inducted in 2014 and awarded their rightful spot in hall. Except for Deep Purple….

Justin Bieber to Retire

Posted 18 Dec 2013 in Artist News, Industry Insights, News
Justin Bieber

If Justin Bieber seems like one of those annoying pop culture trends that will disappear as fast as he sprung up, you might be on to something. After all, at the ripe young age of 19 years old, he has already announced plans to retire and step out of the musical spotlight. Although the teen popper has won numerous awards and at one time was considered the third most powerful celebrity in the world, the guy did get a lot…